Stephen Manzi, CFA®

Stephen Manzi, CFA®

Director of Investments

Duphiney Financial Network is proud to announce the addition of a new member of our family, Stephen Manzi.  Steve will bear the title of Director of Investments.  He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a prestigious international designation.  He brings a decade of experience in portfolio management, research, and trading, which complements and strengthens our existing financial team structure of financial advisors, including our core competency in financial planning and advice very nicely. 

Additionally, Steve will serve as the head of the firm’s Investment Committee.  We spent over a year searching for the right candidate (and dozens of interviews).  Steve has a passion to research financial markets and a knack for analyzing investments.  Our longstanding investment strategy of asset allocation, contrarian positioning and risk controls will continue.  Steve is someone who shares our core principles of investing.  He will continue to research and recommend investments that will help our clients reach their long-term goals.

We conducted a very long and careful process in selecting a new team member and have been very fortunate to have found a fit for such a dedicated team.  The most important quality that aligns Steve with DFN is placing an emphasis on developing meaningful relationships with clients that extend far beyond business.  He believes in our core value; that above just a customer relationship, a genuine friendship must take shape to fully understand a person, their life goals, and develop a roadmap on how to get them there. 

For fun, Steve plays on a flag football team in the fall, and skis both sides of the country in the winter.  In the spring and summer, he plays on a men’s baseball team and enjoys exploring various hiking trails and beaches throughout the world!

We are very happy Steve has joined us and are confident you will feel the same way.  Thank you for your continued trust in our people at DFN.