Our Clients

At Duphiney Financial Network, we work with individuals, families, and business owners of all ages. While our clients’ ages and backgrounds may differ, many of them have similar concerns: building and preserving their wealth to ensure it lasts throughout their lifetime. They aren’t sure if they’re saving enough money for the future and are concerned with when they can retire. Our goal is to identify new opportunities and strategies that can help them feel more confident in their financial future, whether they’re beginning their work life, in the middle of their careers, or transitioning into retirement.

Offering a wide range of strategies and solutions, we are uniquely positioned to serve clients in all stages of life. As we’ve been in our community for decades, we’ve served families through the generations and we specialize in wealth transfer, working with clients’ children and grandchildren. Our goal is to help connect the wealth between the generations and ensure each generation can leave a lasting legacy.

Wherever clients may be in life, we can provide objective advice and honest guidance, working alongside them through the many milestones of life.